Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

I for one American was very thankful on November 23rd. I had home comforts like heat and clean water and friends and family; I am not an Iraqi trying survive a new day under civil war; I am not a Sudanese from Darfur being cleansed; I am not an eminent Russian dissident wondering when I'm going to be poisoned; I am not one of the Americans scratching out a meager living and hoping I don't get sick...I mean, I am one of the luckiest people in the world. How could I not be thankful? I have everything I need and enough of what I want.

Speaking of wants, I'm also thankful I don't have a shopping gene. Or maybe I should say I'm thankful to have better, more fulfilling things to do on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I did my Christmas shopping early and online and kept the gift list simple. I simply will not participate in the orgy of consumerism that follows the day of feasting. At the risk of drawing Bill O'Reilly's ire, I suggest we just ban the Christmas holiday. Imagine -- NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC IN THE STORES. NO SURPLUS OF SANTAS. NO CHRISTMAS PAPER TRASH. NO FORCED CHEER. SOME EXTRA MONEY IN YOUR POCKET, MAYBE TO HELP OUT SOME OF THOSE LESS FORTUNATE.


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