Monday, March 12, 2007

la pasta fatta in casa

Embarrassing. I just bought my first pasta machine. Made in China for $25.00. So I wait for the whole "made in Italy" thing to be going down the tubes to decide to go Old World.

I know, I know. What took me so long? I had watched my mother make pasta at home from time to time, and it was just so labor intensive. Tagliatelle always made for a great meal, and I'd beg for it on birthdays and special events, but I never thought I would take the time to do it myself. And the machine only does part of the job and has that hand crank...not worth it. I thought.

But I was wrong! All those wasted years! Pasta is at least as easy as pie. Of course it took my mother forever to make it. She had six mouths to feed besides her own (and she never seemed to have time to put any morsels in it and was a rail most of her life). And she forsook the machine for the old rolling pin and knife because there wasn't a machine her whole life that she liked. As Old World as I am now about my pasta, I am modern compared to her. And, I have to say, happily, contentedly, so.


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