Saturday, July 07, 2007

Best Place to Live: Italy

For years my husband and I have fantasized about living an everyday life, not some "Under the Tuscan Sun" fantasy, in the city of Trent. Gorgeous, prosperous, progressive and creative, the city is a great blend of the best of Italian and Austrian cultures, with a wonderful cuisine and a beautiful setting at the foot of the Italian Alps.

While in Italy last month, I read that Trent has been named the No.1 city in Italy for livability, and the sixth in Europe (No. 2 was Bolzano and No. 3 Aosta. My mother's home town, Trieste, was No. 4). It is interesting that these cities should feature so high on the list. They are not towns well known to tourists, and rarely get any notice. They also have a political and economic history with northern Europe.

Should have looked for a teeny plot back when the dollar was riding high (before Bush II).


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